Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The Water Kiosk

During a recent outing in Paris, a small wooden "house" appeared after a walk on the "Promenade Plantée". People were gathered around the little "house" with their empty water bottles waiting for their turn. What was this?

It was a water kiosk where people could get access to clean drinking water. This brilliant concept was obviously working very well which could be seen by the many people coming for refills. So if such a system is installed in a developed city like Paris, imagine the potential benefit of such a set up in countries where clean drinking water is not as easy to come by.

The idea of water kiosks has been around for many years but what has stopped the spreading of them? Funding? Lack of Use?

At Swiss Cleanwater Group we are constantly trying to innovate, and apply our water treatment technology in applications where the most people will have a significant benefit. At the time of writing, we are awaiting the completion of a site in San Diego where one of our first water kiosks will be placed. Something we are looking forward to tremendously. We expect the system to be used for refilling of large gallon containers due to the low water quality in the surrounding area. Behind the scenes the water kiosk will be powered by a SCM60 which can produce 60.000 liters of clean drinking water per day.

We see many benefits of such a system:
1. It will provide easy access to clean drinking water.
2. It will reduce the need to buy bottled water.
3. The cost per liter will be much more affordable than going to the store to buy countless plastic bottles.

We expect to have our first of many water kiosks running, in cooperation with local heroes that aim to improve the quality of life for many people, in the near future. We will be showing the very aesthetically pleasant looking kiosk within a short time. Until then enjoy the pictures from Paris, and imagine what such a system could do outside a modernized capital.

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