Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Water efficiency - providing the context and offering solutions

Panel debate on water efficiency at the European Environmental Agency in Copenhagen, Denmark

Date: Jan 15, 2012

Professor Jacqueline McGlade
Executive Director, EEA

The following points were presented by Professor Jacqueline McGlade:

We just came out of the year of water so it is a great time to reflect on the previous year.

Is it about efficiency or savings?
Efficiency is technology, savings is human behaviour. In the end we want to achieve the same things.

Report: Climate Impact report from EEA
The need for efficiency is clear. Countries need to manage their water and decide to which use what should be put. Public, industry and secure water for ecosystems.

You can download the report here from the EEA:

Some time you do not want to be too efficient. In the beverage industry, they are afraid of the poorly increasing water which means further complications in their manufacturing processes. Its about using the right water, not using the least amount of water.

The European Environmental Agency has focused on thematic areas which are:

A quick explanation

Status assessment
What is actually in this water?

Water efficiency
Using different criteria to try to understand how different organizations could use water. How do we fill the gaps?

Water vulnerability
This is more regarding the climate and the changes experienced.

A quarter of water in Europe is used for irrigation. Using water in an efficient manner such as means of delivering water.

A lot of Europe does not have water pricing. That is going to be the next revolution where the rest of Europe will move towards more structure water pricing. It is extremely important to be getting the price right.

Fostering innovation in industry regarding water sections. See more here: http://ec.europa.eu/cip/eip/index_en.htm

Key Messages from presentation
- Good water management needs water and energy efficiency
- Full stakeholder participation is needed
- A fair and transparent structure of water pricing needs to be established
- Will act as incentives to industry to provide technological innovation

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